Testing- & Endurance Testing

Thorough testing is crucial for products designed for daily use. The importance of testing proves itself time and time again. Many unforeseeable factors and the differences between theory and practice are revealed through testing. All of this is, of course, done in consultation with the customer.

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Endurance Testing

Endurance testing is conducted to assess the lifespan of a product. For a new product with moving parts, it is crucial that this is done correctly. If a component breaks during endurance testing, it can have many causes. Therefore, it is important to replace only one component at a time in case of fault reports to be able to rule out everything. We are happy to showcase our previously developed test setups.

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Vibration, Impact, and Drop Tests

In consultation with the customer, a prototype or product can also be subjected to vibration, impact, and drop tests. An example is shown in the image next to this text. Here is a test setup for a license plate holder that will later be mounted on a motorcycle.

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Tensile and Compression Tests

To determine the maximum load of the end product, Hooymans Products also has tensile and compression tests available.

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Quality control

Hooymans Products sets a high quality standard and therefore it is important to control the production in order to ensure that each product meets the same requirements. Processes needs to be optimized in order to minimize the margin of error and downtime.

Quality validation

During the realization of a prototype or first model we regularly discuss with the client the quality characteristics. Through this meetings we set up the standards in order to validate the quality during the production process.

(Microscopic) Measurements

During the production process, constant measurements and quality controls are performed to ensure quality. An important measurement may be whether a weld is sufficiently fused and strong enough to support the structure.

(Microscopische) Metingen

The strength of a surface treatment.

There are several possibilities in order to determine the lifetime of a particular surface treatment. Hooymans Products offers two variants, a real-time variant and an accelerated test method.

Weather resistance testing

The corrosion resistance of a product can be measured accelerated by means of salt spray tests. Many times it is also interesting to investigate what the influence is of UV light at the final product, this can be done by a UV accelerated radiation test cabin. We can take care of these specific tests if this is necessary for your application. Additionally Hooymans Products has extensive experience which surface is best suitable for your application regarding the desired lifetime of your product.


Real Weathering

A complete other way is a Weathering panel for gaining knowledge of the various options. These experiences are important to gather information about which color differences occur, for example during a certain time in the open space.

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