Surface treatments

The appropriate treatment for your application, long lasting corrosion protection or the creation of the right visible appearances. Hooymans Products has the experience and knowledge by going through these actions daily.

Powder Coating

Powder coating provides a product with a beautiful finish in any desired color while also making it durable and resistant to wear and impact. To ensure proper powder coating, the product must be clean and free of grease. Hooymans Products can handle this process or coat products that have been cleaned by the customer. Our oven, with its large capacity, offers excellent opportunities for both single items and series production.

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Brushing and Sanding

To enhance the surface of materials such as stainless steel (SS), a brushed texture or a polished appearance can be applied. We are happy to provide suggestions in this regard.

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In addition to creating a coarse structure, polishing can also achieve a smooth and shiny surface, resulting in a highly reflective effect. Polishing is commonly used to enhance the appearance of stainless steel products, but it can also be applied to steel and aluminum.


Realization of other possibilities:

Hooymans Products works together with parties to ensure the best quality for your product. In addition, we can support in deciding the appropriate surface treatment for your application. We use the RAL and NCS system to ensure that your product actually gets the right color.

Thermal Galvanizing

Thermal Galvanizing is commonly applied to products for outdoor use to fully protect them against corrosion. Electroplating is a finer form of thermal galvanizing, where a thin layer of zinc (approximately 5 to 40 μm) is applied. This layer is even and smooth, giving the product a sleek appearance. Galvanizing is often used on steel structures and products for outdoor spaces.


Anodizing is a surface treatment used to provide metals such as aluminum and titanium with an oxide layer. Anodizing is achieved through an electrolytic process. The oxide layer is hard and wear-resistant. Anodizing can be done in various colors. Aluminum can also be anodized clear to give it different metallic hues.


Passivation can be applied both to stainless steel and regular steel. In many cases, this process is applied to stainless steel. After mechanical processing and welding, the surface may be affected. In order to restore intoxication resistance of the surface, products are being passivated. After the passivation process the surface is completely restored to stainless steel. In addition to blank passivation, it is also possible to passivate products in black where it could be desirable for the appearance.

Chrome plating

Chrome plating involves applying a durable layer that comes in various finishes, such as glossy, matte, or satin. It enhances the appearance of the final product.

Copper plating

With copper plating, products are coated with a layer of copper. This process allows products, such as aluminum, to receive a smooth and sleek copper layer, giving them the same appearance as solid copper products. This technique is cost-effective, especially when copper is used solely for aesthetics, such as in store fixtures.

KTL Coating

KTL stands for Kathodische Tauch Lackierung, or cathodic electrodeposition of paint. In a tank filled with water-based cathodic paint, there is a positive pole, a negative pole, and the product to be painted. With the help of a direct current voltage, the paint particles are drawn to the product, forming a paint layer on the surface. This layer continues to grow until a closed and insulating layer has formed around the product. This method allows for applying a paint layer to hard-to-reach areas.

Thanks to its dense, uniform, and thin paint layer, the KTL process is an ideal primer for powder coating.


GEOMET® is a patented chrome-free alternative to DACROMET®. This non-electrolytic water-based zinc flake coating system provides extremely high corrosion protection with thin layer thicknesses in an environmentally friendly manner. This process offers a modern alternative to traditional hydrogen-sensitive processes.

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