Surface treatments

The appropriate treatment for your application, long lasting corrosion protection or the creation of the right visible appearances. Hooymans Products has the experience and knowledge by going through these actions daily.

Inhouse Techniques:

In our own machinery we are able of using various surface treatments. Additionally, Hooymans Products performs with partners other special surface treatments if this is a more convenient method for final result.

Powder coating

Hooymans Products offers excellent opportunities for powder coating single products and large production series. Products that are being powder coated have an attractive finish and are additionally abrasion and impact resistant.

We use the RAL and NCS system to ensure that your product actually gets the right color. Generally, we have a large amount of these colors in stock.

Pickling - Acids

After welding stainless steel, the material loses his corrosion resistance and there occurs discoloration to the appearance. In order to be resistant, stainless steel needs to be post-treated by means of electrolytic pickling. The pickling process is done with dilute acids or acid mixtures which ensures that the resulting oxides are being removed. In the example below, the difference is clearly visible between the treated and the non treated surface.

Brushing and Grinding

To decorate the surface of stainless steel for example, a brush surface can be processed on the final product. The cooperating creators can create a specific look or appearance to your product.


In addition to a rough surface, it is also possible to create a smooth and glossy surface with the aid of polishing. The polished surface creates a highly reflective effect. Mainly stainless steel products are polished to enhance the appearance.

Spray paint and coloring

In addition to metal surface treatments, plastic and wooden parts of an end product are also sprayed. Paintwork will give your product a luxurious and sleek appearance. For example exhibition demonstration products are sprayed if they are not made of metal. Another option is coloring EPS (styrofoam) and, if desired, glittering the end product.

Realization of other possibilities:

Hooymans Products works together with parties to ensure the best quality for your product. In addition, we can support in deciding the appropriate surface treatment for your application. We use the RAL and NCS system to ensure that your product actually gets the right color.

Zinc plating

Zinc plating is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, to prevent rusting. Inside Hooymans Products zinc plating is widely applied to products which are standing in the public open space. The zinc serves as a sacrificial anode so that even if the coating is scratched, the exposed steel will still be protected by the remaining zinc.

Anodizing / Anodising

Anodizing is a surface treatment which increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of the metal part. Anodizing increases resistance to corrosion and wear, and provides better adhesion for paint primers and glues than does bare metal. Aluminum is one of the most used materials for this surface treatment application. A large variety of (metallic) colors can be provided.


Passivation can be applied both to stainless steel and regular steel. In many cases, this process is applied to stainless steel. After mechanical processing and welding, the surface may be affected. In order to restore intoxication resistance of the surface, products are being passivated. After the passivation process the surface is completely restored to stainless steel. In addition to blank passivation, it is also possible to passivate products in black where it could be desirable for the appearance.


During electroplating, a metal product is provided with a coating of another metal in order to be able to take advantage of the properties of both metals. Think of corrosion resistance, improved visual appearance, scratch resistance and electrical conductivity. Electroplating is a specific process and could provide for your application interesting advantages.

Chrome plating

Chrome plating is applying a wear-resistant coating and has several color effects such as gloss, matt or satin finish. The most application within Hooymans Products with chrome plating is for products where the appearance of the final product needs to be glossy.

Copper plating

Copper plating is the process in which a layer of copper is deposited on the item to be plated by using an electric current. The advantage of copper plating is that products can be made for example out of aluminum where after a thin layer of copper can be applied to the product. This copper layer results in a comparable appearance as a product made entirely out of copper. This technique is particularly cost effective when the copper layer is only appearance applications.

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