Product development

Together with our clients, we will join forces in order to create an innovative product or an appropriate solution for a (technical) problem. Hooymans Products offers professional 2- and 3D CAD, and simulation software by which the products are visualized and converted to production drawings.


The engineering team of Hooymans consists of highly skilled engineers, each of them with their own specialty. In this way, Hooymans Products reserves and restrains the knowledge of the various subjects which are being developed daily. With the help of Autodesk Inventor we draw the products in 3D.

We are proud of our flexibility and swift response time. Besides developing and production products, we also provide testing for correct operation and final inspection to retain quality. We are continuously striving to be fully updated on the latest technologies in the field of product development and production.

A functional prototype

A properly working and functional prototype during the idea/design phase has proven to be of great importance throughout the process of development. We can help you to achieve a functional and good working prototype.

Prototype realization

In the process of making a prototype, many different and unexpected aspects occur. For this reason, Hooymans Products usually produces a prototype for every kind of product. If you are looking for a company which can realize a functional prototype, please contact us.

3D printing - Rapid prototyping

Hooymans Products offers rapid prototyping capabilities to create complex molding structures and design challenges by means of a 3D printed prototype. The various methods of 3D printing provides the solution to any of the desired requirements. The most frequently used application for 3D printing at Hooymans Products is design validation. Another application is 3D printing production molds using Reverse Engineering. In addition, 3D printed products are also increasingly used directly as an end product.

In cooperation with suppliers, there are also options to 3D print products in materials such as Alumide and stainless steel.

Applying 3D scanning - Reverse Engineering

Hooymans Products applies 3D scanning when an actual product needs to be digitized and converted into a CAD file. These situations often involve complex shapes or objects which are difficult to measure. This method is also referred to as 'Reverse Engineering'. In the example below a handmade product is 3D scanned so the product can be reproduced in multiple quantity's.

Another application of 3D scanning is the use for quality control. After precision scanning, abnormalities can more easily be detected than measuring with other measurement tools.

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Cooperating and developing new ideas is the passion and driving force behind the cooperating creators.

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