Product development

In close consultation with the customer, we brainstorm innovative product ideas and appropriate structural solutions. Hooymans Products has professional 2D & 3D CAD and simulation software, allowing products to be visualized, analyzed, and converted into production drawings.



The team at Hooymans Products consists of trained engineers. Products are drawn using Autodesk Inventor, which enables the design, visualization, and simulation of precise 3D models before they go into production. Of course, the final product is also tested for proper operation, and end control is carried out on specifications and quality. We can assemble and package the products as desired.

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We are proud of our flexibility and swift response time. Besides developing and production products, we also provide testing for correct operation and final inspection to retain quality. We are continuously striving to be fully updated on the latest technologies in the field of product development and production.

Prototype realization

The importance of a working and functional prototype in the idea and design phase proves to be invaluable every time. During the prototype development process, various aspects come to light that may not have seemed directly influential. Therefore, we are happy to assist in realizing a prototype, which we do in our own workshop.

Are you looking for a company that can create a functional prototype? Contact us.

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Reverse Engineering: Application of 3D Scanning

With 3D scanning, a physical product is examined, digitized, and converted into a CAD file. This often involves complex shapes or objects that are difficult to measure. This method is also known as Reverse Engineering.

The image on the left shows the handcrafted, physical product, and on the right, the 3D CAD file to produce the product in multiples.

Another application of 3D scanning is quality control. After precision scanning, deviations can be easily identified that are difficult or impossible to measure with other measuring tools.

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Rapid Prototyping: 3D Printing

One of the techniques that allow for the rapid production of physical prototypes is 3D printing. Hooymans Products has various 3D printing methods at its disposal. With these, prototype parts or other design challenges can be realized. We often use 3D-printed parts as check molds for various productions. 3D-printed products are also increasingly being used as final products.

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Mold Building

Hooymans Products builds molds from stainless steel, steel, and plastic. We produce and develop our own punching and deep-drawing molds for series productions of special contours from sheet material or for pressing sheet material into a 3D shape. This speeds up production time and guarantees high-quality end products.

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