Product and process optimization

Products and processes can be optimized continuously. At Hooymans we are constantly working to improve our internal processes and we use these optimized processes for our customers and their product applications.

Optimization possibilities:

A particular design problem or challenge can often be solved by analyzing the problem in different ways. We run daily into design challenges and gladly think along to provide an appropriate solution for your technical challenge.

Analyzing production costs

Products can be produced in many different ways. In our own workshop we can process materials on many different ways. However, when a product is more suitable for example a (injection) molding process or any other production method, then we can arrange this with the aid of partners. The experience of going through the various production methods resulting in the most (cost) efficient production method for your product.

Feasibility studies

Hooymans Products performs feasibility studies to explore other (cost advantage) production methods. In addition, we provide multiple services to realize your idea into a marketable product. If you have an idea, concept or already a working prototype and are you searching for a partner, contact us for more information.

Optimize work processes

A pleasant working posture or working atmosphere, products that contribute to a sustainable and improved operating result while simultaneously reducing (production) costs by coordinating work processes. Over the years many (production) processes have been continuously optimized within Hooymans Products.

Do you have a challenge for us?

Cooperating and developing new ideas is the passion and driving force behind the cooperating creators.

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