Complete product realization

We offer complete product realization, starting from the initial sketch to the production process, after which we can ship the products to your desired destination. It's becoming increasingly common for products to be distributed directly to their final destination, fully realized in customized packaging.

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Complete product realization in Hooymans' perspective:

It all starts with creating a sketch or drawing of the idea, followed by the fabrication of a prototype in the workshop. Together with the customer, this prototype is then adjusted to meet all desired requirements. These points are then incorporated into the second design phase. After fine-tuning, the product is realized in the workshop. If necessary, we collaborate with specialized suppliers for this.

Final Inspection To ensure quality, products are checked for quality and dimensional accuracy at each stage of the process. This is done using advanced measuring equipment and special production jigs with reference frameworks. We keep the customer informed of the production progress and regularly send updates including photos.

Finishing Touches! Once production is complete, we can also assemble, package, and distribute the product. These are the various possibilities.

Assembly and Mounting

At our assembly department, various parts can be mounted and assembled into the final product.

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Gluing, Clamping, or Magnetizing

When it's not possible to weld parts or connect them with fasteners, we can apply other options such as glue, clamping, or magnetic connections. These connections are thoroughly tested, and we hold them to high standards. For large-scale production, we can utilize our robot for controlled adhesive bonding.


Stickers, Labels, and Engraving

Want your own logo or product information label on the final product? We can do that too. In addition to stickers and labels, we use laser engraving, which can be applied to both individual and serial production work.

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Installation Manuals

Hooymans Products can also provide assembly manuals, as we do for Yamaha Motor Europe, among others. These manuals are included in the packaging with the final product, taking the end-user into account. To simplify installation as much as possible, the parts are packaged logically.


Assessment and inspection

An important aspect of full product realization is that the quality of the product needs to be guaranteed. For this reason, Hooymans Products controls and inspects the quality during the production process. In addition, we will keep you informed and updated about the production stages. With the help of advanced measuring equipment and special production molds, the product quality can be ensured.

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Custom packaging

Products mustn't sustain any damage during transport. Using EPS (expanded polystyrene), we can cut specific packaging to ensure the safety of the products. We also have various cushioning materials. For larger production series, we test the final packaging under extreme conditions to assess its quality.

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Distribution and Logistics

Sending products directly to the end-user? We can handle that too. Hooymans Products, along with trusted partners, takes care of distribution and logistical handling—including providing a Track & Trace code for the end-user.

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Other possibility's:

Moving Products

With certified constructions, we've been customizing moving products for over twenty years. A well-known example of this is the climbing and flying Santas around Christmas time in the Bijenkorf stores.

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Products with Electronics and LED Lighting

The trend towards creating more engagement and interaction among visitors has become increasingly important in recent years. In addition to movement, interaction with lighting and electronic components is crucial for the overall experience. Hooymans Products has the capabilities to incorporate LED lighting into the product or application. With simple control, it can illuminate in any desired color.

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(Injection) Molding Products

Depending on the product, Hooymans Products can also produce high-quality plastic (injection) molded products. We do this in collaboration with partners both domestically and abroad. This brings the complete range of product realization even closer.

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