Complete product realization

We provide complete product realization. Starting with the first sketch to the production process after which we can ship the products to your desired destination.
It is increasingly common that products are distributed directly to their final destination, fully realized in customized packaging.

Complete product realization in Hooymans' perspective:

The process starts with a sketch, a small drawing of your idea or product. After drawing the product in 3D with CAD, a working prototype can be realized in our workshop. In cooperation with the customer, we strive for optimal collaboration in which the product can be adapted to any desired requirements.
By tackling any small error in the initial phase, production and further development steps will run much smoother.

The production facility at Hooymans Products offers many possibilities to realize your product. In cooperation with suppliers, we also organize parts and accessories for various customers. Overall, we like challenges!

Hooymans Products provides more:

Once your product has been produced in the most efficient method, our spacious workshop offers possibilties to assemble your product completely from start to finish. Discover the various possibility's below:

Mounting and Assembling

At the Hooymans Products assembly section, we daily assemble parts into a complete product.

Assembly - Adhesive bonding

When it is not possible to connect components with the help of welding or (visible) fasteners, there are other options such as gluing, clamping, or, for example, magnetic joints. We set high standards to these connections if they fulfill the requirements. For large glue production series, we use our robot to create controlled adhesive bonding.

Stickering and Labeling

We also provide logo's and labels on final products. Besides advertising stickers and labels we also make regular use of screen printing techniques in both single and production series.

Installation manuals

Hooymans Products also provides installation manuals for amongst others Yamaha Motor Europe. These manuals are enclosed to the product in the packaging box. The components are packed in a logical way in order to create a clear installation for the end user.

Assessment and inspection

An important aspect of full product realization is that the quality of the product needs to be guaranteed. For this reason, Hooymans Products controls and inspects the quality during the production process. In addition, we will keep you informed and updated about the production stages. With the help of advanced measuring equipment and special production molds, the product quality can be ensured.

Custom packaging

We place high demands on our packaging. With the help of polystyrene foam (EPS), we can cut out a specific packaging in order to guarantee the safety of the products during shipment. The packages are made with the aid of a special EPS cutter. In addition, we have many different cushioning materials to fulfill packages for safe transport. For larger production series, we test the final packaging under extreme conditions in order to assess the quality of the package, so no unpredicted damage can occur during shipment of the final products.

Distribution and Logistics

An increasingly common desire of customers is that Hooymans Products transports the realized products to the final user. We can take care of the distribution and logistics with transportation partners who are using Track and Trace codes for the final user.

Other possibility's:

(Injection-) molded parts

Depending on the product, Hooymans Products works with parties in the Netherlands and abroad to produce high quality (injection) molded parts. This way we strive for a complete range of product realization.

Parts and accessories

Accessories such as, artificial grass, (hardened) glass constructions, stickers, (color / shape) LED patterns or other specific objects are becoming increasingly important to the presentation of Retail stores. Hooymans Products is capable to provide in these items meeting your specific demands.

Moving products

Creating an interactive experience in stores is becoming more and more important these last years. A well known example is found in Santa Claus' climbing and flying helpers in the Dutch stores of 'de Bijenkorf' in December each year.

Electronics and LED lighting products

Apart from moving products, combining lighting and electronic parts is important to an overall experience. Hooymans Products has the capabilities to use LED systems in your product or application. With a simple remote control these LED lightnings can be light up in any color.

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