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Since 2013, we've been manufacturing and processing products for Mercedes-Benz Roelofarendsveen. Starting from 2019, this collaboration has been intensified, and the product portfolio has significantly increased, with us also supplying to other local dealers spread throughout the Netherlands. We've delivered approximately 50 different products, which they mount on the trucks, both inside and outside the cabin, as well as on the chassis. In some cases, it involves modifying existing products, but often it's about enhancing existing parts and developing and producing new ones. Our focus is on providing customized solutions and taking care of all aspects.

Sun visors

A great example of modifying an existing product is cutting holes in sun visors. These holes are necessary to install cabin lighting. We cut the holes using our own waterjet, allowing us to customize the hole pattern according to the customer's requirements. Our experienced operator ensures a neat end result every time.

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Lamp frames

To provide lighting in the cabin, we collaborated with Mercedes-Benz Roelofarendsveen to develop a stainless steel lamp frame. Initially, we provided an aluminum prototype to ensure that the lamps could be mounted in the correct position using this frame. The frames have a matte black finish, and we apply the finish in our own powder coating department. This thoughtful approach ensures that the customer can easily install the lighting.

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Rema plug brackets

A product that we frequently produce and supply is the Rema plug bracket. This bracket is used to mount Rema plugs, a high-quality connector used in trucks. We also developed this bracket for the Mercedes-Benz dealer, enabling them to easily mount and connect these plugs. Additionally, we manufacture similar brackets and mounting aids, each with their own application, finish, and color.

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Truck yoke frame

A great example of a product that we've improved is the truck yoke. This component is placed on the chassis and serves as a bumper for the trailer. Whereas previous steel versions would rust, this stainless steel version is resistant to weather conditions, providing a durable and reliable solution. We engrave the truck yoke with the Mercedes-Benz logo using our own CO2 laser, giving it the perfect finish.

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