Students of 'de Kiem' visiting

Students of 'de Kiem' visiting
During Marthe Hoogenboom's lecture about the manufacturing industry, she showed her classmates how a product is created at Hooymans Products.


During Marthe Hoogenboom’s lecture about the manufacturing industry, she and her father (Paul Hoogenboom, head of our development department) showed her classmates a quick look at how Hooymans Products creates a product.

Her class saw how a water cutting machine cut the 3D-drawn sign with: Group 6 in front of their eyes out of a sheet of metal. A little further on, the plate was covered with a color, which everyone could experience that this color in its raw form is a powder. After a visit to the oven, this powder turned into a hard coat of paint called powder coat.

During the day many questions arose from the students of teacher Dorien. It was a very fun and educational visit!

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