Sciszor ergonomic chair

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Hooymans Products developed in cooperation with BQE a simplified ergonomic chair, "The Sciszor".

The Hooymans design consists out of high wear-resistance materials combined with the most simple, but innovative technology. Inside the chair is a scissor mechanism which operates with the aid of special tension springs. The backrest of the seat forms to an ergonomic sitting posture. The Sciszor name refers to the internal scissor mechanism.

The internal components are treated after the production with powder coating against corrosion and to finish the product with a nice appearance. The individual parts are being assembled to realize the working scissor mechanism. Since 2010, Hooymans Products has start the production with the basic ergonomic version of the Sciszior mechanism. The more advanced and technical version, the Dynamic was created in 1995.

In mid-2016, there are over 200 Sciszor and 1000 Dynamic ergnomic chairs in circulation. This high tech product is continuously being improved by Hooymans Products and currently is version 5.0 in production.

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