Our Cozy screen also makes collaboration possible in times of Covid-19.

During this turbulent period, we as creators of ideas do not sit still. In addition to the work we do for our regular customers, we also think along with the current time. Dilemmas that play a role in every company are discussed.

For example, we created the “Cozy screen”, a screen intended to maintain the cozy working atmosphere in addition to its protective function. We enable collaboration in a responsible manner. Easy to move and instead of sterile, cozy thanks to the addition of a colorful plant.

During these special times, we gave a number of Cozy screens as gifts to surrounding entrepreneurs. We’ll get through this together!

Interested in our cozy screens? More information can be found in our webshop via Steely [id]

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Cooperating and developing new ideas is the passion and driving force behind the cooperating creators.

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