Jan (71) does not think about retiring

Jan (71) does not think about retiring
We talk to Jan about his time at Hooymans Products.


“I don’t think about retirement”

At the age of 71, Jan van der Zwet is an exceptional employee at Hooymans Products. Six years after his retirement, Jan is still not thinking about sitting at home. Jan cannot sit still.

Jan: “I like to be busy and prefer to work among people. We all have that active mentality in the family, all my older brothers are just like me still working. One is still on the truck and drives to Sweden, the other has a farm and another does chores in the area. So that active attitude is something that runs in our family. I keep myself moving and I stay in contact with people, that keeps me personally alert.”

We know Jan as an employee who enjoys the diversity of assignments at Hooymans Products. His eye for detail is also characteristic. The production that Jan has particularly remembered in all those years are the desk legs for Castelijn, makers of design furniture. Jan: “High quality and a beautiful finish were necessary. You had to be very precise. One scratch and the product was rejected for use. ”

With the passage of time, Jan saw change at Hooymans Products:

Jan: “In those thirteen years I have seen Hooymans become more professional. The packaging department was created due to the great demand for ready-to-sell products. My granddaughter Mila also worked here for a while in the packing department. On my advice, she applied here for a summer job. It was very nice to be able to work with her. ”

Despite the fact that Jan will be working one day less, he has plenty to do. Plans to help rebuild the homes of his two sons are already underway. There is also some work to be done at Jan’s home. In addition, his Golden Retrievers are jumping to spend more time with their owner. No, Jan is not bored and we are happy that he still enjoys his time at Hooymans Products.

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