Sustainable power: 424 solar panels!

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At Hooymans Products, it's not just about innovative production, but we also strive for a sustainable future. Since January 2023, we've made a shift in our energy supply by installing solar panels on the roof of our company.

Energy production

Our solar panels are installed on the roof of Hooymans Products. In 2023, we generated 184MWh, of which 74 MWh was self-consumed, and 110 MWh was supplied to the grid to provide others with green energy.

A small comparison: with 184 MWh, you could charge your electric bike almost a million times or drive around the earth 23 times in an electric car. That's incredibly significant!

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Sustainability as a priority

For us, sustainability is not just a buzzword. It's a value that drives much of what we do. The decision to install solar panels was a logical step towards environmental consciousness and energy efficiency. But this transition went beyond just reducing our ecological footprint.

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Savings and awareness

One of the most striking results of our switch to solar energy is the positive impact on the energy bill. The savings we achieve not only allow us to reduce costs but also serve as evidence of the power of sustainable practices. Furthermore, the use of solar panels has increased awareness of sustainability.

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Inspiration for the future

In addition to being a successful project, this has also been a very educational one. We proudly look back on this period, which has also produced many beautiful images. We hope that this article will serve as an inspiration for others considering the transition to green energy.

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