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Since 1984, Hooymans Products invents and produces new products and ideas. The flexible organisation is capable of acting small and big. From a single design or essential parts to repeating series of completely produced products.

Hooymans Products has the capabilities to realize the production from start to finish. Starting with the idea of the drawing table to the assembled, coated and packaged final result. Our products find their way all over Europe.

Our experience to process a variety of metals and plastics results in contracts for companies in various industries. In close consultation, Hooymans Products will think together with the client about an innovative product or an appropriate solution for a (technical) problem. Hooymans Products offers professional 2- and 3D CAD and simulation software by which the products are visualized and converted to production drawings.

If requested, a functional prototype can be created in the production facility. The prototype can be tested and reviewed in consultation with the client - whereupon the product can be produced.

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Cooperating and developing new ideas is the passion and driving force behind the cooperating creators.

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